Terra Pyramides

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In Terra Pyramides, players compete to acquire building sites to build pyramids of different sizes. They need money, resources and workers to build the most magnificent pyramids, for which they get points. Whoever has the most points at the end of the game wins.

Each player must place exactly one tile on the game board in a round. Then all tiles on the game board that are in a straight or diagonal line from the tile just placed are activated.

The tiles have workers, resources and money that can be activated/received by the player. Workers and raw materials are needed to build pyramids. The workers must "walk" in an unbroken straight or diagonal line to the pyramid building sites. If a player has enough resources and three of their workers on a building site, they may build another level for this pyramid, which earns them points. Money can be used for bonus promotions, e.g. B. to obtain wild resources or to search a stack and select a tile.

The game ends when all tile stacks have been used up. Each pyramid is worth points depending on how far a player has occupied the pyramid. Leftover resources and money are also worth points.

Terra Pyramides comes with two expansions in the box. While the basic game is aimed more at family players, the expansions add additional strategic elements that make the board game more complex.

Players: 1 - 4

Time: 45 - 90 min

Age: 10+

Type: End Game Bonuses, Layering, Map Addition, Tile Placement

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