Pricing on pre-order products are indicative only and based on the Recommended Retail Price (RRP) we receive from our suppliers. Final pricing will be determined when products arrive at our suppliers but usually end up being being slightly less than the indicated RRP. 

R/$ exchange rate and unforeseen shipping increases could affect final pricing.

Orders for pre-order products must be placed on or before the indicated "order by" date.

The price shown below the product is the 30% pre-order deposit which will be charged upon checkout. The final balance and shipping will only be charged once the product has arrived. Should Tabletop Guru or the supplier cancel a pre-order for any reason a full refund or store credit will be offered.

Knowing how quickly situations can change in life we introduce our "Zero Risk Pre-order Policy". Your pre-order deposit will never be at risk should, for any reason, you not be able to finalize the purchase of something you had on pre-order, the money will not be refunded but you'll be entitled to convert your deposit to in-store credit to use straight away or save to add to another purchase later on.

No shipping will be charged when placing a pre-order! Shipping will only be charged once the product has arrived along with the final balance. Free shipping over R1,500 will still apply.

Pre-Orders: Step-by-step guide.

  • Make sure the "Order By" date has not expired.
  • Make sure to look at the RRP (Recommended Retail Price) in the heading and description, this is a fairly accurate estimate of the final price that you will be paying for the product but our price usually ends up being slightly lower.
  • The price displayed below the product is a pre-order deposit of 30% that you will be charged on checkout.
  • Once the product arrives with our suppliers we will invoice you the final price (see second bullet point), minus the 30% deposit already paid as well as shipping (where applicable).
  • Final delivery date can't be guaranteed, it can take anywhere between 8-16 weeks and exceptionally even longer.
  • Our "Zero Risk Pre-Order Policy" can always be used to covert your deposit to in-store credit should you not wish to wait for the pre-order to arrive.
  • ORDER BY - EXTENDED - these are products that we have secured some stock for and can keep pre-orders alive for as long as our pre-ordered stocks last. Keep in mind that stock will always be limited! We will only offer this on selected products!