Spelljammer: Adventures in Space

Spelljammer: Adventures in Space

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Home of the stars and gateway to the heavens, the Astral Plane teems with excitement and possibility. With the help of magic, spelljammers can cross the oceans of Wildspace, ply the silvery void known as the Astral Sea, and hop between worlds of the D&D multiverse.

SpellJammer: Adventures in Space contains everything a Dungeon Master needs to run adventures and campaigns set in the starlit realms of Wildspace and the Astral Sea, as well as new options for players who want to create characters at home in this fantastic setting.


The Astral Adventurer's Guide, a 64-page hardcover book that includes space-based character options, deck plans and descriptions for spelljamming ships, and more.
Boo's Astral Menagerie, a 64-page hardcover book that presents game statistics and descriptions for creatures found in Wildspace and the Astral Sea, including astral elves, cosmic horrors, lunar and solar dragons, murder comets, and space clowns.
Light of Xaryxis, a 64-page hardcover adventure set in the Astral Plane for characters of levels 5–8.
Double-sided poster map of the Rock of Bral, an asteroid-city that can serve as both an adventure location and a campaign hub in the Astral Plane.
Sturdy, four-paneled Dungeon Master’s screen.

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