Sleeping Gods: Primeval Peril

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Sleeping Gods: Primeval Peril is a short standalone campaign for one or two players, but will include a variant for playing with 3-4, set in the world of Sleeping Gods and using the same rules.

Primeval Peril is set on a dangerous river that winds through lush jungle. It includes new characters and stories so that nothing from the Sleeping Gods base game is spoiled.

It was first offered as a free print-and-play to all backers of the Sleeping Gods Kickstarter.

This first retail edition is revised and expanded with new stories and quests, streamlined gameplay, and an atlas with new maps.
Preliminary Components:
120+ cards
20 cardboard tokens
25 Damage tokens
20 Power tokens
5 character boards
1 Boat card and standee
Campaign map sheets
1 Combat die

Players: 1 - 2

Time: 120 - 240 min

Age: 13+

Type: Thematic, Cooperative

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