Quest for the Antidote

Quest for the Antidote

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In Quest for the Antidote (a game by Tom Deschenes and illustrated by Scott Sherman), you and the other players have been poisoned by the mad king! Armed with only your wits and a list of antidote ingredients, you must battle the wilds, monsters, and your fellow players to be the first to return to the apothecary with the items you need.

Game Components:
• 1 Game Board
• 6 Wooden Colored Pawns
• 6 Wooden Colored Breath Trackers
• 6 Sets of 10 Ingredient Cards (60 total)
• 50 Monster Cards
• 18 Meddling Cards
• 10 Loot Cards
• 8 Drop Cards
• 1 10-Sided Battle Die
• 1 6-Sided Movement Die
• 1 Wooden Debris Token

Preparing the Game:
Each player selects a colored pawn, the corresponding breath-tracker token, and the corresponding deck of ten Ingredient Cards. Players place their pawns on the Apothecary’s hut in the center of the board and place their breath-tracker tokens on the number 50 on the breath tracker.

Next, players shuffle their ten Ingredient Cards and randomly select four ingredients. These will represent the ingredients they will need to collect for their unique antidotes. Players will place their four Ingredient Cards on the table in front of them face-up with the black vial at the top. Each player’s remaining six Ingredient Cards can be returned to the box.

Players are dealt Meddling cards based on the number of players:
• In a game with two players, five Meddling Cards are distributed to each player.
• In a game with three players, four Meddling Cards are distributed to each player.
• In a game with four or more players, three Meddling Cards are distributed to each player.
Meddling Cards are dealt face-down and go into the player’s hand.

Time: 45-90 min

Age: 13+

Players: 2-6

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