Lost Seas

Lost Seas

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There is a host of terrible tales surrounding the mysterious uncharted depths of the Lost Seas. Rumours of giant krakens, infernal maelstroms, huge sea serpents and hostile deserted islands abound, and only skeletal shipwrecks remain as testament to tentative past expeditions. It is time to arm yourselves with the latest instruments of navigation and prepare to set sail on your most daring expedition yet, knowing that if you succeed, the glory will be beyond your wildest dreams and your map will become the stuff of legends.

Forge your own legend by charting your exploits in the terrifying and hostile Lost Seas. Only the most perilous and daring journey will go down in history.

  1. Plan your Expedition
  2. Explore the dangerous depths of the Lost Seas
  3. Map your perilous journey

—description from the publisher

Players: 2 - 4

Time: 20 - 30 min

Age: 7+

Type: Strategy, Tile Placement, Exploration

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