Dungeons and Dragons - Dragonfire + Exp (Pre-Loved)

Dungeons and Dragons - Dragonfire + Exp (Pre-Loved)

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Dragonfire is a cooperative deck-building game set within the world of Dungeons & Dragons. Players choose from a number of races — from dwarf to elf, half-orc to human — while assuming the quintessential roles of cleric, rogue, fighter, and wizard. Equipped with weapons, spells, and magic items, players begin their adventure along the famed Sword Coast, then expand to other locales across the Forgotten Realms, such as Baldur's Gate, Neverwinter, and Waterdeep in future expansions. Along the way, players level up their characters, opening access to additional equipment, feats, and more. Join the quest, and build your own legend!


  • Sea of Swords
  • Shadows over Dragonspear Castle
  • Chaos in the Trollclaws

Condition: Yellow

Players: 2 - 6

Time: 60 - 90 min

Age: 13+

Type: Cooperative, Thematic

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