Bazaars of Ubar

Bazaars of Ubar

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The Bazaars of Ubar is a fantastical engine-building game that takes players to the mythical marketplaces of Ubar - the Atlantis of the Sands! Draft trade tiles from a common area, paying for them with time, in a marketplace where the costs shift like the sands from game to game. Make clever use of tradewinds to activate your drafted tiles again and again. Manage the space on your ship to carry only the most precious cargo as you make your way to floating bazaars to sell your goods. Watch for fluctuating values in the markets to make sure your goods bring in the most gold and ensure your victory as the shrewdest trader in The Bazaars of Ubar!

During setup, Trade tiles are laid out in a grid in the center of the table. On a player's turn, they take a trade tile from the center area and, paying a time cost for it. The time cost is spent by moving their ship along the path toward the next bazaar.

After taking a trade tile, a player adds it to their tableau adjacent to previously taken tiles - activating the newly taken tile and previously taken tiles in their tableau according to the direction of the trade winds on their tile. Trade tiles allow players to earn new goods from the supply or trade goods they already have for more desirable goods.

When a player's ship reaches a bazaar, they may sell any number of the goods they have in their ship (to marketplaces with fluctuating values that vary from game to game). When all players have reached a bazaar, the trade tiles in the center are cleared and a new grid of trade tiles created.

When all players have reached the third bazaar, the game ends and the player with the most gold from selling their goods wins!

Players: 2 - 4

Time: 45 - 75 min

Age: 10+

Type: Market, Open Draft

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