Arcana Rising (Kickstarter Edition)

Arcana Rising (Kickstarter Edition)

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Kickstarter edition of Arcana Rising includes exclusive score trackers, upgraded wooden components, promo cards and a embossed foil box!

Arcana Rising invites up to six spellcasters to participate in a competition to acquire arcane artifacts and cast mighty spells in an effort to gain knowledge and power. As they gather their mystical relics, they note the passing of the moons which amplify the power of certain schools of magic allowing wizards to cast spells at the peak of their power!

Arcana Rising is a drafting and engine-building game in which players compete over three rounds to craft a magical engine that will power their collected artifacts and generate points for them at the end of the game.

Players: 1 - 6

Time: 20 - 60 min

Age: 14+

Type: Card Game, Drafting

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