The Spoils: Decade of Deckadence

The Spoils: Decade of Deckadence

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he Spoils: Decade of Deckadence is the next evolution in The Spoils card game, with this serving as both a standalone core set that is self-contained and a "cube" drafting set.

As a standalone core set, you can put together draft packs from the cards included, draft those cards, then play — or you can combine two decks to play in a sealed deck format or to build your own decks for the next VICTORS tournament.

As a “cube” drafting product, the purpose of DoD is to provide an easy entry point for new players with access to many of the most powerful cards in The Spoils history. Many of the cards in the DoD are extremely powerful!

Players: 2 - 8

Time: 30 - 270 min

Age: 14+

Type: Deck Building

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