Glen More II: Chronicles – Highland Games (Pre-Loved)

Glen More II: Chronicles – Highland Games (Pre-Loved)

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Glen More II: Highland Games expands Glen More II: Chronicles thanks to the inclusion of three new chronicles and a solo mode.

In Feasts & Follies, players try to outwit the opposing clan chiefs in order to win the upcoming end-of-round scoring by hosting great festivities first.

Sticks & Stones, in which the champions of the players compete against each other on the new Highland Games board to take the lead in a new scoring category.

Funtails Development expands the possibilities of the popular Overbuild Tiles many times over with the new Monuments in Plan & Prosper.

Not only are these new Chronicles supported by the extensive Solo Mode by Automa Factory, but also the base game and a total of 11 Chronicles. '

Players: 1 - 4

Time: 45 - 120 min

Age: 12+

Type: Strategy

Condition: Green

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